I'm the sole caretaker and designer for slowpencil.net and its random offshoots or related side projects. While I do maintain the site and create a generous portion of what is available, not all the content is mine thanks to various collaborations and the generous contributions of friends and family.

My upbringing encouraged self-reliance and provided four brothers and sisters who excel in all manner of creative and artistic endeavors. My parents have always led by example and taught with bravery and kindness. My personal aim is to tackle any project that I can get my hands and/or mind around. Having been blessed with the curiousity and persistence helpful in acquiring a wide array of skills and resources, I've been able to maintain a high standard in my various individual pursuits. I also have the invaluable benefit of close contact with family operatives that are able to provide extended, in-depth knowledge of graphic, written, structural, mechanical, musical and textile arts.

My daily for-profit work is comprised of freelance web and graphic design, web development and consulting. While I fully appreciate the flexibility that freelance opportunities provide, I am always on the lookout for challenging full-time positions at technology-enabled workplaces that would provide exciting projects, talented co-workers and the chance to further hone my wide variety of abilities.

I would be happy to provide any additional information that you might need, whether it's a quick question or an in-depth request regarding a proposed project. Please feel free to contact me if you desire my services for short-term work, large freelance projects, an individual task, or if you are interested in utilizing me on a more permanent, limited basis. Please examine my résumé and web portfolio for a little more concrete information regarding my past work and my present capabilities.