An accumulation of mostly unmailed cards found in either dusty boxes at thrift stores and junk shops or those squeaky, rotating displays at book stores and souvenir shops. A few of them might have even been procured through the post. It's always nice to get postcards.

I Robot The Green Girl The Gods Hate Kansas Sin In Space Uhuru and Chekov Nixon and Astronauts
76.2% Portage Lake In Winter Thorton's Truckstop The Bradford Hotel Ripening Field
Barco Rammer Lodo Meatomatic Buggy Ride Buck Owens The Corn Palace 1972
Floating Market Bangkok El Centro Cultural Hoover Damn New York New York The Hotel Traymore Selectees
Notre Dame Witches' Rocks zxcvb Space Traveling Monkey Pheasant Sea Turtle
Sea Horse Robo Sapiens Ear Muscles Boombox Band
Bread and Puppet Theater Captive White Boy Deer Hinterland Mr. Peanut Santa The Duel
Dusty Groove crailtap